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At this time of the year we reflect and be grateful for living in the greatest country in the world.  If you do not share my feelings about the United States then be thankful for your health, family or job. So many people are homeless or struggling to make ends meet.A...

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2018 Year End Tax Planning

Tax evasion is against the law but tax avoidance is not. We would like to help you minimize your taxes and avoid paying more than you need to. Since the new tax law may significantly affect the amount of taxes due this year, you may want to revisit how much you owe...

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2018 Fall Tax Planning

Those of you who have not filed your 2017 tax returns have until October 15th. Penalties for late filings can be significant. The third quarter estimated tax payments are due September 15th. I encourage you to make these payments, if not in full, partially. Since the...

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2018 Summer Tax Planning

First, of all I want to thank each of you for working with us again this year in helping you file your 2017 tax returns. I have valued your friendship over the years. Next week is the 4th of July holiday where we celebrate our founding as a free and independent...

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2018 Planning and Important Information

Happy new year to you and all the best in 2018. Here is some important information for 2018. Please contact us if you have any questions. Reorganizing Financial Planning Business Due to the success of my accounting and tax practice, I have not been able to spend the...

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Year End Tax and Financial Planning Ideas

A Christmas wish that your stockings are full of Holiday memories. My hope's that you can create new ones. Here are some ideas and thoughts to make 2018 even better for you than 2017. Government is not here to help you 1. Many America's falsely believe that our...

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Meet Chuck Anderson, C.P.A. of Hermosa Beach by VoyageLA

Meet Chuck Anderson, C.P.A. of Hermosa Beach by VoyageLA

Tired of the cold winter weather and hot humid summer I longed for a change. Loving the Beach Boys music, and having served in the United States Marine Corp reserves during Vietnam War, I decided to go to graduate school and was accepted at the University of So. California. California was calling me as it has for so many from the Midwest over the years.

I loaded everything I owned, including my typewriter, and drove out to California in my 1967 Jaguar XKE via the old Route 66.

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Real Estate Tax Planning Tips

One of your most important assets, if not your most important, is your investment in a home or investment property. Misunderstanding or a lack of knowledge of tax rules and laws can cause you unnecessary time and money. Summarized below are some of the most important...

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Year End 2016 Tax Planning

Fall is in the air and before you know it the Holiday season will be here. Hope you had a nice Halloween with friends, family and look forward to Thanksgiving.  A special time of the year to cherish what is important to you. To help you with this stressful time of the...

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2015 Year End Financial and Tax Planning

Hard to believe but the holidays are upon us again. Ho, Ho, Ho!  Before you VEG OUT there are some things or updates that could be (very) important and that I'd like to discuss with you in person right away before the end of the year. Take a minute, right away, and...

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What People Are Saying…

Louis Nwoke – Mr. Chuck Anderson is the best CPA in the whole world, with a first class unmatched professional excellence. His entire staffs are exceedingly friendly, professional and cordial.

I’m grateful for the professional services he provided to us. He showed warmth, compassion, and a genuine interest not just for the accounting job but also for my family.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Chuck Anderson, CPA to my friends and others that are in need of a top quality, professional CPA. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Chuck a solid 10.


Marisa Giddings – Experience and expertise of big business with small hometown feel.


Chantel King – Chuck is great! I got back more than I expected. He is reasonably priced and does not take long. I will be using Chuck Anderson forever!