SUMMERLEMONADE…I hope you are looking forward to taking some time away from your daily work regimen, clear your mind, get a change of scenery, relax and enjoy your friends and family.

Before you get too relaxed, though, I want to thank you again for the opportunity to prepare your tax returns this year and to let you know how much we appreciate your trust in our abilities to be of professional help to you.

Also, as a Certified Financial Planner, I have been asked every question under the sun about finances and retirement from my financial planning clients. So, I am setting some time aside this summer for individual planning and for furnishing professional answers and direction that may help you with your retirement plans and ensure a healthy financial future.  Here are some examples:


1.  How many more years will I need to work to retire?

2. How many inflated dollars do I need?

3. Are my invested assets properly diversified and/or yielding satisfactorily?

4. How do I protect my assets?

5. What steps do I take first to enhance and protect my family’s future well being?


CALL US at 310-374-8832 for your Personal Financial Planning appointment now.

Alice, Jackie or I will have your lemonade ready so you can relax while I catch up a little with you when you arrive.

See you soon.

Chuck Anderson

Certified Financial Planner™  CFP®

Chuck Anderson, C.P.A., Inc.


February 2015 Guatemala

February 2015 Guatemala