Happy new year to you and all the best in 2018.

Here is some important information for 2018. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Reorganizing Financial Planning Business

Due to the success of my accounting and tax practice, I have not been able to spend the time needed to develop and support this part of my business. I have decided to sell my asset management and investment accounts to my manager (OSJ), at Independent Financial Group, Lewis Perkins, CFP® MBA CLU®. Many of you have already worked with and met Lewis, who has his own very successful financial planning firm. This association will give better service and support, to you, my valued clients. Those fees will continue to be about the same and I will work with Lewis to support your needs. Please complete the transfer paperwork ASAP. Other financial planning and accounting advice will continue through my tax practice, Chuck Anderson, C.P.A., Inc. Please only use my accounting e mail address of chuck@chuckandersonaccounting.com in the future.

Increase in Hourly Rate

As you already know, the many costs of running any business these days has gone up, especially in Southern California.

I have not increased my hourly rate in over 5 years. Beginning in January my hourly consultation rate will be increased from the current $175 per hour to $200. Despite this increase, our rate is below the market for someone with our experience, expertise and education. My staff senior accountant rates will remain at $75 per hour.

Tax Planning and Preparation in 2018

Tax organizers were sent to you last week either over the internet or as a hard copy. Please let us know via my e mail or phone if you have not received your 2017 tax organizers.

I look forward to working with you beginning in January to minimize your taxes and provide excellent financial planning support.

All the best during this Holiday season and in 2018.


Chuck Anderson, C.P.A., CFP